Shibe - ideals, mission and converting websites to mobile apps

Shibe (previously known as Jamblam) was founded in 2020 to meet the needs of the modern world. From the very beginning, we were aiming at providing our clients top software for their needs.

We know that in the age of constant growth of amount of websites, blogs and other web content, one has to take serious measures to stand out.

One of such options is giving yourself an app assigned specially to your website or yourself.

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Converting websites to mobile apps is, in other words, packaging a website to a mobile app structure. As a result, we get an app which displays one specified website as its content. It is important to say that it does not harm the website in any possible way. The website can be still accessed traditionally by using web browsers.

It is safe to say that it is very preferable to have your own dedicated app with your website converted into it.

It is because:

-Approximately 55% of internet usage comes from mobile devices.

-83% of time spent by users on smartphones takes place in mobile apps.

-Conversion on apps is approximately 3 times higher than mobile sites.

-People view approximately 4 times more content while using mobile apps than on the web.

As you can see, mobile apps are much more engaging and attractive than websites. That's why we founded it. We want to give everybody the access to such powerful and awesome thing such as your own, dedicated app. To know more, check our offers and choose something for yourself.