Convert Website To Mobile App

This is our service, which is available only on Android™ (We do not offer apps for other devices). It contains welcome screen displaying logo chosen by you and your site integrated into the app. Additionally, it will contain a notification, which will display a text specified by you. Also, if your website requires the access to device storage, camera, network state, location or it contains purchases, don't worry, it will all work. You will be also able to refresh the page integrated into the app by swiping down.

It is a very useful way to promote your site, brand or blog. As you know, brands having their own apps are better perceived in the eyes of their customers. It is all in your hands.

At a very low price of 10$ (One-time payment, no hidden or additional fees, no ads included) you are getting an app, which is a powerful tool for increasing the popularity of your brand or business.

If you want to see our showcase app in action, search for Shibe Standard on Google Play or click the button below to redirect you to this app on Google Play. Your app will also be ready to be submitted to that store. It will be exactly the same except it will contain data specified by you in the form below instead of ours (We even used that form to create this app).

To purchase this service, use our contact form below. There, specify your data and data you want to a appear in your app, attach your logo and proceed to payment. If you are a reseller/dropservicer willing to sell this service to someone else, use this link to place your order.

After noticing your payment and realizing your order, you will be able to get your APK file containing your app by using "Get your APK" option below. All you have to do, is simply put it wherever you want to be available for downloading by other people. From the moment of purchase, it is your app and you can do whatever you want with it (even charge somebody for downloading it).

Using our services and placing an order means agreeing with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

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