Personal Version

This is a Shibe personal app for Android™. For a very fair price of $30 (If you will enter a valid reference code, you will receive 33,3% discount and the price will be $20) you are getting an app, which is personalised just for you.

To purchase this service, use our contact form below. There, specify your data and data you want to a appear in your app, attach your photos or images (one for being used as an app icon and the other to be used in bio screen).

After noticing your payment and realizing your order, we will give you an APK file containing your app. From the moment of purchase, it is your app and you can do everything you want with it (even charge somebody for downloading it). We also highly recommend you to allow us to place your app on JAMBLAM Store - our app sharing platform.

Using our services and placing an order means agreeing with our Terms of Service and Other Informations and Privacy Policy

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